How to Gain & Retain Volunteer Coaches for your Rec Sports League

It can be a challenge to recruit and retain great volunteer coaches for rec sports leagues. These volunteer coaches are often parents or active community members and have many other responsibilities pulling at their time and attention. Another challenge that may prevent one from volunteering is that they perhaps don’t feel confident in their knowledge […]

How to Feed Your Athlete After a Big Game

Many athletes know the importance of eating properly before a game, but what an athlete eats after the game is just as important.  Post-game nutrition plays a vital role in helping an athletes’ body recover, making it especially important for parents to be clued into how to properly feed their athlete. Young athletes in particular […]

Proper Hydration for Young Athletes

Most people place more emphasis on hydrating in the hot summer months, but proper hydration, especially for young athletes, is something that should be taken into heavy consideration throughout the year. As our bodies are made of almost 60% water, it is important to understand how vital keeping hydrated is to keeping athletes functioning properly. […]

How Young Athletes Can Improve Their Quality of Sleep

Everyone knows the importance of stretching after a workout, but getting a good night’s sleep is another integral component of an athlete’s daily regimen that is often overlooked. Lack of sleep has been linked to an increase in sickness and injury risk, and a decrease in reaction time and game-time performance.