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avca VPI™ Clinics

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Want to provide a valuable benefit to your players and club? Partner with True Youth Sports to facilitate a VPI™ (Volleyball Performance Index) Clinic to assess your players’ potential! What’s involved? This event is a four-hour low-impact, high-value data-gathering session that assesses a player’s physical potential. Results are compiled in a searchable database where participants, their parents and college coaches can look for good matches.


Included in the ranking score:

  • Height (Stadiometer)
  • Standing Reach (Stadiometer)
  • Block Touch (VERT)
  • Vertical Jump (VERT)
  • Attack Height (SoloSpike/AcuSpike)
  • Velocity (Arm Swing Speed) (Motus)
  • Pro Agility (Brower timing System)
  • Acceleration (Brower timing System)

How your players will benefit: 

  • Players earning a ‘college-ready’ VPI™ score will be invited bythe AVCA to publish their score to their database, viewable by all AVCA member College Coaches. They’ll also receive an  invitation to the Phenom College Prep Program, an invitationonly event held every December in conjunction with the NCAA DI Volleyball National Championships.
  • Assess where they stand compared to other players their age and position, as well as current college players
  • Build their recruiting portfolio with metrics validated by the American Volleyball Coaches Association
  • Start to process where they should look for collegiate opportunities and what’s the best fit for them

How your club will benefit:

  • EXCLUSIVITY: True Youth Sports is the only organization in the area licensed to provide VPI™ player rankings.
  • INCREASED VISIBILITY: Co-hosting an event shows that your club is on the leading edge.