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Raven Short, BWHS Coach

Working with TYS has been a truly enjoyable experience. The staff is a diverse group of former and current athletes who create a fantastic environment for the community. Everybody is incredibly welcoming, and treats you like family from day 1. Their incorporation of top notch drills, movement prep, and competition makes it working also an amazing learning experience. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity, and I highly recommend TYS to anybody and everybody.

Varsity Head Girl’s Basketball Coach, BWHS
Assistant Girl’s Soccer Coach, BWHS

Patrick Ausel, LCPS HS Bball Coach

What is great that we give them an objective score along with a subjective score. We evaluate the kids on their ability to create space on the floor, their movement without the ball, re-cut, backdoor cut and things like that. It is a great experience for the players and coaches but also the HS Coaches who get to see how the kids are developing in our county who may eventually end up playing in our HS Program.

Linda J, Coach for AYBL

The evaluation process is really efficient. The girls get through 5-6 drills in less than 1 hour. The evaluation process gets us great scores at the end which helps out tremendously to balance out the teams during the draft and creates a great experience for everyone involved.

Zach Orchant, President, Ashburn Youth Bball League

The evaluation of the players we ran today went smoothly with no hiccups. It has been a great experience for all of our parents, players and especially our board in helping to form out teams and keeping the league running as consistent and fair as possible.

Brenda, SYA Vol Coach

The videos on the App were very helpful as I was able to download to my computer, bookmark them and use for fresh practice ideas on how to teach my girls the basics on setting a pick, how to implement offensive and defensive sets and gave a great variety of dribbling drills.

Mike Volunteer Coach

The coaches clinics that we were able to attend and the use of the Coaching App made in a huge difference in molding my coaching philosophy. The practice plans, the easy to follow drills and the simplicity of the App really made my practices more organized and fun for my girls.

Bill Morris, President of SOLO

We have been working with True Youth Sports for 6 years. WE brought in TYS in to help strengthen our coaches in return would help build the skills of our kids in our league of over 2300 participants. The Coaching Clinics and the Coaching Education Program has been a tremendous help for all of our coaches to learn and grow as coaches.

Steve Douglas, Head Boys Basketball Coach, Woodgrove High School

I would like to thank Rob Rose and TYS for the opportunity to work with you all the past three years. The organization and preparation to evaluate big numbers of athletes is incredible. I have enjoyed working with the staff as an evaluator and lead staff personnel. This program has the ability to evaluate athletes and help the organizations utilizing us to help build a better program. I recommend TYS to anybody trying to improve their programs.

Donny, Volunteer Coach

It has been a great experience overall for myself in coaching and for the league in helping everyone be more knowledgeable.

From Bill Morris, President of South Loudoun Basketball

The TYS rating system has been key to us providing an objective evaluation. TYS has been a true partner in facilitating the formation of our teams. The TYS evaluation process is key to the continued success of South Loudoun Basketball.

Steve Young, Solo Basketball

Drafting a team used to be such a tedious process with 20 coaches in the league.  It could take 4-5 hours with coaches mulling over what players are still left in the draft and contemplating their value they might bring to the team.  Using the TYS System changed everything.  Now, with the same 20 coaches, I sit comfortably on my couch and can pick a quality team using the TYS Drafting System in less than an hour.  My son and I can now do this together which is a special bonus.

Dan, SYA Basketball

Being a new member of the coaching staff and recently new to the area having the TYS evaluations to help guide my selections during the draft was most beneficial.  I was able to pick a well-rounded team that was able to compete and have fun all season.