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Online Draft

Need hands-on help with your player evaluations and draft? Let TYS run your draft for as little as $1.50/athlete!


Gold Package: Powered by TYS

Our start-to-finish youth draft includes: 
  • Direct support to league administrators for each age group
  • Timely and accurate uploads of all player data, shirt sizes, player photos and more
  • Set-up of proper rankings for each player
  • Set-up of draft board with pre-draft photos for coaches, assistant coaches, sons and daughters
  • Coaches education and training on how to efficiently use draft software
  • Conference call bridge allowing coaches to draft from any location
  • Assistance in sending all draft reports to the league and all coaches
  • Assistance in trades, if needed

Platinum Package: Powered by TYS

Want us to completely manage your evaluation process and draft? Just find the school, and let TYS take care of the rest!

Our Platinum Package includes all of the features of our Gold Package, PLUS:
  • Execution of entire evaluation process by local high school basketball coaches and certified TYS station leaders
  • Unbiased and accurate evaluation process that keeps “tanking” to a minimum
  • A TYS Player Rating for each player
  • Efficient process – just 45 minutes on average
  • Limited involvement by Board members, coaches and parents:
    • Parents wait in the lobby for their athlete
    • Board members not required to be in attendance
    • Coaches simply watch the tryout, with optional evaluation sheets available to record their own notes and rankings not factored into the TYS player rating


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